A hall meanders to and fro, monotonous and maze-like. Monolithic, a series of stacked rhomboid shapes recedes downwards and away from the painted surface. The wall opens upon a void. 


My meditation teacher.

          I began this series of paintings after I started meditating, reflecting upon the way that this practice prompted me to explore my own mind as one would an architecture. These placeless sites, structureless constructs are meditative objects of focus, puzzles for the mind to traverse and search. Their shapes are simultaneously alien and familiar—they tease the brain with their push and pull. These canvases suggest the variability of my experiences even within my own mind. In some, through focusing on iterative shapes that expand ever outwards, I transcend conscious thought. The articulated planes of a home, rendered roofless and flat, are exploded by the possibility of what lies beyond. By contrast, other compositions suggest a feeling of entrapment or claustrophobia, which impel me to realize the illusory limits I place upon my own consciousness. 


          In some forms of meditation, a mantra is repeated until the speaker is no longer sure where the sound begins or ends. I imagine that these labyrinthine canvases exude a deafening silence, a solitary roar. Dams, radiators, and drivers are forms that regulate current and change of speed. A signal is divided, distributing itself into smaller cavities. An echo—thought—repeats, reverberates, and fades.


Oil on canvas, photography, and 3D renderings.




III.33D Rendering

III.4Photography: Daily Life