With globalized outsourcing of production, the Italian town of Nove di Bassano has deteriorated and begun to lose the material knowledge that has made it a center for clay harvesting and ceramics production for centuries. Fondamenta proposes to reinvest in Nove’s legacy, stimulating job opportunities, constructing systems of support for local potters, preserving knowledge of ceramic production, and creating opportunities for the international artist community to engage with and learn from Italian artisans. 

Canal in Nove.

        Beyond these concrete and tangible contributions to the Nove community, Fondamenta understands itself to be the vanguard in pioneering a framework for the reinvention of small towns throughout Italy that are suffering from brain drain and declining commerce. As such, Fondamenta prioritizes sustainable practices, which will turn the town into a self-sufficient ecosystem. Electricity for use in production and day-to-day life will be harvested from a hydroelectric generator to be installed in the canals behind the factory. All food provided to participants in the residency program and served in the school’s cafe will be procured locally. Residents will also participate in tending to a plot of land where we will grow our own herbs and vegetables. Fondamenta is a movement, a way of life, and a collaborative experience created by artists for artists, as well as the community at large. 



  1. Found a new version of a factory, an apartment and production studio which will employ local artists and form ties with students from around the world. 
  2. Establish a residency program, through which international artists can forge relationships with and learn from local artists. 
  3. Strengthen Nove’s connection to an international community of artists and designers through collaboration and fabrication services.
  4. Encourage the expansion of Festa della Ceramica di Nove e Portoni Aperti from a local showcase to a globally-recognized ceramics fair. 
  5. Found a ceramics school, including apartments, and a museum (phase 2)



  1. Preservation of Nove’s ceramic knowledge. 
  2. Job growth within the Nove community.
  3. Realization of specialized production needs for artists and designers worldwide.


My and my cousin Claudio Lancerini the first time working in Nove, 2017.

Fondamenta is a project very dear to my heart. The town of Nove has been famous for ceramics for hundreds of years. It is where my grandfather was born, where I have many relatives, and where I currently work. 


If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit theFondamenta.com for more information.



Photographs of spaces in Nove by Giulio Favotto


Renderings of concept by Alisha Sturino, Otty Design / Build


III.1Nove (Basso Family then and now)