Part of the proceeds go to The Fondamenta – a project to support the craft of ceramics in the town of Nove di Bassano.


Artwork: Lamp, Vase and Photograph



Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 100cm

Glaze: Sand White

Lampshades: Adjustable, and can be tilted in numerous directions. The lampshade is made with the same canvas I use for my paintings. 

Signature: The artist name is written at the bottom.



Dimensions: ø 30cm x 31cm 

Glaze: Sand White

Signature: The artist name is written at the bottom.



Dimensions: 30cm x 45cm | 75cm x 100cm 

Type: Archival Inkjet Print on Canson paper

Signature: Includes a Certificate of Authenticity



Price $4,400.00$4,750.00


ITechnical specs


Break the Mold


Ceramic, Photo, Textile






Made to order

Lead time

6 - 10 weeks



Lamp base



25cm x 25cm x 100cm


ø 30cm x 31cm 


30cm x 45cm | 75cm x 100cm 

IIProduct downloads

IIIThe artwork

Within the world of ceramics, plaster molds are used to make duplicative objects; the molds are vessels which facilitate mass-production and mass-consumption. My artistic practice turns a critical eye toward this type of rote production, and asks how we can instead turn the molds normally used to make repetitive identical pieces into vehicles for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Break the Mold is a series of lamps, vases, and photographs which deconstruct and reimagine traditions of craft to produce objects that are novel and beautiful in their imperfection. I hope this work will inspire people to embrace and celebrate their idiosyncrasies, rather than conform their lives to predetermined forms.

For Break the Mold, I engaged old plaster molds—produced between the 1970s and 1990s—that I found in the basement of my cousin’s ceramics factory. The slip-casting process used for this group of works is common in commercial mass-production, and traditionally yields materials that are sanded and glazed to perfection, every piece precisely mirroring the others. For my series, I disrupted this process by removing the forms prematurely from the plaster molds, before their clay walls were fully hardened, and manually shaped their fragile forms into something unexpected. In this flimsy state, they were poked and prodded out of sameness, forced to stand—if a little clumsily (nobody is perfect)—on their own feet. Each of my works is only truly activated when it comes into contact with light or flowers, or is mirrored through photography.


Part of the proceeds of each purchase for Break the Mold will be given to The Fondamenta.

With globalized outsourcing of production, the Italian town of Nove di Bassano has deteriorated and begun to lose the material knowledge that has made it a center for clay harvesting and ceramics production for centuries. The Fondamenta proposes to reinvest in Nove’s legacy, stimulating job opportunities, constructing systems of support for local potters, preserving knowledge of ceramic production, and creating opportunities for the international artist community to engage with and learn from Italian artisans.


Biodegradable foam.

For the packaging, the lamp will arrive in a recycled cardboard box. The artwork is wrapped in canvas and biodegradable fabric and tied using biodegradable hemp rope. When required, the box contains biodegradable foam packaging which is 100% compostable and non-toxic. It uses cornstarch and offers exceptional cushioning properties while also protecting the planet. You can run it under tap water in your kitchen to dissolve the material.

Note: The ceramics are wrapped in canvas for a particular reason. It is the canvas I paint on and I hope for you to keep this piece of fabric, and make a painting. You can use acrylic paints, or put a layer of gesso down and try oil painting. Let me know if you have any questions! 


Ceramic dimensions are approximate due to the nature of artwork. As each piece is collaged or warped, they are one-of-a-kind artworks, and the measurements vary slightly for each piece. 
As noted in the website images, there are imperfections intended in your artwork. This is the concept of ‘Break the Mold’.


Limited Editions: the limited edition sets use up-cycle vintage upholstery fabrics. We require the flexibility to use available fabrics at the time of your order. You will be notified if we need to provide you an alternate fabric and glaze color not outlined on the website.